Download the XML file that contains the data to be imported by visiting this link. You will see a list of theme names, each linking to their respective XML file. Since the linked file is an XML file your browser will try to display it rather than downloading, so to download the file:
In Safari: Right or control-click on the link and select ‘Download linked file’. This will download a file called theme_name.xml, where “theme_name” is (wait for it…) the theme name.

In Chrome: Right-click on the link and select ‘Download link as…’. A dialogue box will open to specify where the download should be saved. The name will default to ‘theme_name.xml’, so just leave this as default and save the file.

In Firefox: Right-click on the link and select ‘Save link as…’. A dialogue box will open where you can specify the save location; as with the other browsers the name will default to “theme_name.xml” so leave this as it is.

Log-in to your WordPress backend and open your WordPress importer (Tool>Import>WordPress).
Click on ‘Choose file’ and select your newly-downloaded theme_name.xml.

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Read through the description to see what things can be imported; posts, categories, comments, custom fields and more are included. Once ready, click on ‘Install Now’ at the bottom right of the pop-up.
WordPress will download and install the plugin package from the repository; once complete, you’ll be given the option of activating and opening the plugin, or returning to the list of importer options. Click on ‘Activate Plugin and Run Importer’.

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